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Off-Season Training 

College & Elite High School Female Hockey

Northern Minnesota's premier off-season training for girls hockey players


"The best athlete is made during the off-season" 


2023 Training Programs

No Refunds will be issued after 5/25/23


high level off-season training program-ming for northern mN Girls hockey players

Hockey Puck
Red Wall & Stairs
Ice Rink Tracks

off-ice programming for competitive & elite players

elite on-ice player & skill develop-ment by former d1 and professi-onal women's hockey players


what the top players have to say about off-season traininG:

"The off season allows you to dedicate more time to fine tune your skills, specifically it allows you to improve upon things you want to get better at"

Sidney Morin 

UMD Women's Hockey - 2 time captain

Olympic Gold Medalist

Professional Women's Hockey Player

"The off season is the best time to improve myself as an overall athlete. I think it's what helped me improve my game each year and get to the next level. I like to focus on strength, speed, agility and conditioning, all skills that translate to becoming a better hockey player"

Sydney Brodt

UMD Women's Hockey 3 time captain

18 USA Gold Medal

USA National team member 

Professional Women's Hockey Player

"Off season training is so important because it's where you are able to pull ahead of the competition and develop yourself as an athlete with your commitment and dedication to success"

Maddie Rooney

UMD Women's Hockey 

Olympic Gold Medalist

Professional Women's Hockey Player

"The importance of off season training is the time you get ot focus on yourself and focus on your improvement. In this time you can take your game to the next level. In the regular season you focus on the team , but the summer you get to improve you. Meaning dialing in on getting faster, stronger, mentally tougher, ect. This is your chance to get stronger for the next season. "

Gabbie Hughes

UMD Women's Hockey 

18 USA Gold Medal

USA Hockey U 22 team member 

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